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11 of the Best Things to Do in Marunouchi Tokyo Station



11. July. 2019

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One of Tokyo’s most prestigious business districts, Marunouchi combines soaring skyscrapers and historic landmarks with leafy parklands and contemporary lifestyle destinations. It’s also packed with numerous sights and attractions that make it a popular tourist area. It’s home to the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station, as well as art museums, shopping districts and places to rest while feasting on traditional Japanese and global cuisine.

In this guide, we’ll introduce some of the top places to visit in Marunouchi, whether you want to explore independently, on a guided tour or from the relaxing confines of a bus.

11 of the Best Things to Do in Marunouchi Tokyo Station


  • Imperial Palace
  • Tokyo Station
  • Tokyo International Forum
  • Stroll down Marunouchi Nakadori
  • MOMAT (The National Museum of Modern Art)
  • Relax over a meal
  • Mitsubishi Ichigo-kan Museum
  • Idemitsu Museum of Arts
  • Rent Electric-Assist Bikes
  • Join the Hato bus tour

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