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Where to Eat in Asakusa



16. June. 2019

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An old Buddhist temple, a lively shopping street, and touristy souvenirs… Asakusa is one of the most popular destinations for travelers in Tokyo.
Asakusa offers plenty of choice for the hungry traveller. There’s a great selection of local Izakayas -- particularly along Hoppy Street -- that will give you an authentic japanese experience.

What to Eat in Asakusa


  • Daikokuya 大黒屋
  • Mont Blanc
  • Asakusa Gyu-katsu 浅草牛かつ
  • Yoshikami ヨシカミ
  • Magurobito まぐろ人
  • Sometaro 染太郎
  • Asakusa Mugitoro 浅草むぎとろ
  • Alaska
  • Flamedor
  • Yoroiya 与ろゐ屋
  • Unatoto 宇名とと
  • Azumabashi Yabusoba 吾妻橋やぶそば
  • Ameshin
  • Hoppy Street ホッピー通り

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