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27 of the Best Things to Do in Asakusa



16. June. 2019

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The area around Asakusa is noteworthy for being able to provide a multifaceted Tokyo experience within a surprisingly narrow area. Many tourists from both inside and outside of Japan visit Asakusa to experience its rich cultural heritage. Here you can visit a temple while dressed in a kimono, go on a river cruise, or gasp at the marvel of the world's biggest megalopolis from atop one of the tallest structures in the world.

27 of the Best Things to Do in Asakusa


  • Sample Japanese street food on Nakamise Shopping Street
  • Take a Photo at Sensoji
  • Dress up in a Kimono and Stroll around Asakusa
  • Take a Rickshaw Tour
  • Enjoy a Free Panoramic View at the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center
  • Try Famous Restaurants in Asakusa
  • The Shopping Streets around Sensoji
  • Goldfish scooping at Asakusa Kingyo
  • Look for Local Delicacies in Marugoto Nippon
  • Join a Workshop at Asakusa Amezaiku Ameshin
  • Try the most intense Matcha Gelato
  • Explore the Old Shitamachi Backstreets
  • Take a Rest at a Cozy Café
  • Enjoy Shopping at Antique shops
  • Shop for Unique Homeware items in Kappabashi
  • Visit Sumida Park for the best cherry blossom views
  • Ride a Water Bus along the Sumida River
  • Take a Shuttle Bus to the Tokyo Skytree
  • Take a Shot of the Tokyo Skytree from famous photo spots
  • Admire Playful Penguins up close
  • Enjoy the Panoramic Night views from Tokyo's tallest structure
  • Drop in at the Kamiya Bar, one of Tokyo's classic bars
  • Go Hopping on Hoppy Street
  • Spend a night at a stylish Japanese-style Hostel
  • Pray for 46,000 days of Blessings at the Hozuki Ichi Festival
  • Experience an Authentic Japanese Shinto Festival : Sanja Matsuri
  • Buy a Lucky Bamboo Rake at the Tori no ichi Festival

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