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17 Best Things to Do in Ueno



7. July. 2019

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Ueno has always been a popular destination in Tokyo.
There is an interesting mix between new and old.
Within a short walk from one another you will find the busy shopping area around the station, the lush oasis of Ueno Park as well as the Yanaka area where many local artisans has set up shop.

To help you plan your trip, here are 16 recommendations for things to do while enjoying this city.

16 of the Best Things to Do in Ueno


  • Walk around Ueno Park
  • Pray to the Buddha’s giant face
  • Taste mouth fulfilling joy at Shin-Uguisutei
  • Go museum Hopping
  • Visit a World Heritage architectural building
  • Have Lunch on the Terrace surrounded by the woods of Ueno
  • Enjoy the music at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
  • Experience Japan’s oldest zoo
  • Explore the Ameyoko Street
  • Find your favorite Japanese HipHop at CASTLE RECORDS
  • Cozy time at the retro style cafe Oka
  • Shop wisely at the discount shop Takeya
  • Look for Panda items
  • Easy Walk to Yanesen area
  • Only a five-minute train ride: Tokyo’s popular destination Asakusa
  • Easy Access to Skytree
  • Hopping between extremely cheap bars

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