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Yoron, Kagoshima



15. August. 2019

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If you’re looking for a destination that feels like a secret, then look towards the Amami archipelago.

A cluster of small white sand islands sitting between Kyushu to the north and Okinawa to the south, the Amami archipelago has plenty of stunning blue gems, but a highlight is arguably Yoron, the third smallest and southernmost island in the chain. With untamed lush green foliage, almost impossibly white shores, and a language unique to the island, Yoron boasts a culture unlike any other you’ll experience in Japan.

One of the best places to stay on the island is Pricia Resort Yoron. Situated on the western shore, this upscale apartment complex offers all the luxuries you could imagine; a pool, beauty services, spa facilities; sports, sports and recreation, and restaurants serving local and international cuisine. Truly a remote paradise.

Yoron, Kagoshima

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