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Futami Okitama Shrine: a place of purification



21. August. 2019

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Located in Futamiura, Futami Okimata Shrine is where many begin their visit to Ise Jingu.

A visit to Futami Okimata Shrine is believed to bring success in marriage and goodluck for matchmaking. Enshrined here is the deity Sarutahiko-no-okami (god of guidance). You will see many frog statues around the shrine, since they are considered to be the deity's familiars.

During a ceremony called Hamasangu, visitors can first stop here to purify their minds and bodies. During purification, enjoy the fresh breeze and gentle sounds of the waves. After having been cleansed of impurifications, you should then head over to Ise Jingu.

They say the Futami Okitama Shrine is benefitial for lovers

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