Store Okagesama in Okage-Yokocho Store Okagesama in Okage-Yokocho

Oharai-Machi & Okage-Yokocho



Store Okagesama in Okage-Yokocho

Just a street down from Ise Jingu, you will find yourself in the small district of Oharai-Machi where there are many shops and restaurants.

In the center of Oharai-Machi lies Okage-Yokocho. This beautifully stone paved street is lined up with traditional style building that will give you a sense of what it was like in the Edo/Meiji period.

Restaurants like the Butasute restaurant is known for their delicious Wagyu beef. Be sure to try their tasty tofu donut while in the area. Isuzugawa Cafe is praised as one of the best cafes in the area. It is situated right on the Isuzukawa River, so enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with a homemade cake while you enjoy the view of the river and the surrounding greenery.

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