Kurokawa Onsen, Minamioguni, Kumamoto Kurokawa Onsen, Minamioguni, Kumamoto

Kurokawa Onsen, Minamioguni, Kumamoto



Kurokawa Onsen, Minamioguni, Kumamoto

In the mountains north of Aso caldera, Kurokawa Onsen was a booming tourist destination in the 1960s. Today, it’s a charming, rustic local onsen town with something for all traveling types. Somehow managing to avoid the influence of significant redevelopment due to tourism, the area feels almost untouched. You won’t find any monolithic concrete hotels, neon signs, or major convenience stores, but rather a collection of locally run businesses proud of their community-centric heritage. Perfect for enjoying the natural beauty of Kyushu, the area is famous for its outdoor hot spring baths, and almost all of the town’s ryokan have at least one. If you’re looking to disconnect from the manic energy of the city, and truly refresh and reconnect with nature, this is the place to do it.

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