Tsuetate Onsen Town, Kumamoto Tsuetate Onsen Town, Kumamoto

Tsuetate Onsen Town, Kumamoto



Tsuetate Onsen Town, Kumamoto

In the far north of Kumamoto, deep inside a steaming valley crevasse is where you’ll find Tsuetate, an onsen town, and resort filled with healing water and a fascinating history. The origin of this onsen town goes back to the 1800s, and throughout its lifetime its role has changed many times. Once considered a luxury travel destination, and often referred to as ‘Kyushu’s inner sanctum,’ it was where the area’s high society folk came to unwind. Today it’s open to visitors from all walks of life and makes for an excellent place to explore Kyushu’s hot spring legacy. Tsuetate has several small ryokans and bathhouses making it a comfortable day trip spot, or a worthy weekend destination. If you do make it, be sure to try onsen vegetable steaming, and snap some unique photos of The Maple Bridge impressive collection of wooden e-goi plaques covered in wishes.

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