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Takaragawa Onsen (Gunma)



28. January. 2019

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This hot spring district, sprawling along the Takara River in northern Gunma Prefecture, is one of the largest in the country. Featured in international guidebooks like Lonely Planet and Reuters news, the area attracts many hot spring lovers from around Japan and the world. The district's only hot spring hotel, the Osenkaku, has four outdoor baths constantly replenished kakenagashi style from the source spring, and in one of these visitors can savor relaxing hot spring waters and beautiful, seasonal scenery. The area's mildly alkaline simple spring is renowned for moisturizing the skin of bathers. The cuisine, made with mushrooms, river fish, and the area's many other natural culinary blessings, is also not to be missed.

No.28 Takaragawa Onsen (Gunma)

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