No.27 Toi Onsen (Shizuoka)

Toi Onsen (Shizuoka)



No.27 Toi Onsen (Shizuoka)

A hot spring district sprawling along the Toi coast which is the oldest and one of the largest in western Izu. This area is said to have been a favorite of famous author Yasunari Kawabata and many other celebrities. The district is situated in a scenic location commanding a view of Suruga Bay and boasts a climate that is warm year-round. Also renowned for the beauty of its sunsets, the view of the setting sun from Matsubara Park, location of the worlds largest flower clock, is superb. The sulfate springs and chloride springs found here contain an abundance of potassium, sodium, and other minerals, and are said to aid in recovery from fatigue and promote health in addition to easing conditions such as muscle soreness, nerve pain, and skin diseases.

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