No.26 Iizaka Onsen (Fukushima)

Iizaka Onsen (Fukushima)



No.26 Iizaka Onsen (Fukushima)

An ancient hot spring district considered one of the three most renowned alongside Akiu Onsen and Naruko Onsen in Miyagi. The history of the district dates all the way back to the Jomon period and it is said the legendary figure Yamato Takeru no mikoto bathed here. The Sabakoyu, the oldest wooden public bathhouse in Japan, is said to be the place where an ill Yamato Takeru no mikoto bathed to recuperate, and even today many tourists from around the prefecture and country make their way here. During the mid-Edo period, the area became quite famous, attracting the celebrated poet Matsuo Basho, who wrote about the hot spring district in his major work The Narrow Road to the Deep North, further enhancing the location's renowned. Here visitors can enjoy themselves in a variety of ways as suits their tastes and interests thanks to the area's nine variegated public bathhouses, free footbaths, and hot spring hotels offering delicious local cuisine.

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