No.25 Kawaji Onsen (Tochigi)

Kawaji Onsen (Tochigi)



No.25 Kawaji Onsen (Tochigi)

A hot spring district developed in the Edo period which first flourished as a post station town on the Aizu Highway and which has also been long been a renowned destination for curative hot spring bathing. Situated along a ravine carved out by the converging waters of the Ojika River and Kinugawa River, the district is surrounded by lush, natural beauty. The waters of the area's alkaline simple springs are said to treat nerve pain, rheumatism, and injuries. Ryuokyo Canyon, eroded from volcanic rock some 22 million years ago, and the canon's nature research trails are located nearby; taking a soothing hot spring bath is truly something else after exploring this gorgeous natural wilderness. Visitors can get a Yumegrui Stamp Rally map with places to receive stamps certifying a visit to the baths of nine hot spring inns in the area. There are also casual day trip hot spring bathhouses here.

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