No.22 Katsuura Mikazuki Onsen (Chiba) No.22 Katsuura Mikazuki Onsen (Chiba)

Katsuura Mikazuki Onsen (Chiba)



No.22 Katsuura Mikazuki Onsen (Chiba)

Facing beautiful Katsuura Bay, also known as Mikazuki Bay, this hotel owns and operates a hot spring welling forth in Katsuura City in the southeast of Chiba Prefecture. The waters of the hotel's sodium chloride carbonated salt spring are said to treat a variety of ailments, including nerve pain, muscle soreness, joint pain, frozen shoulders, moto paralysis, joint stiffness, bruises, sprains, and chronic digestive diseases. The hotel's bathhouse facilities are renowned for their uniqueness, and include an Tenbo Onsen(observatory bath) situated 40 meters above the ground offering a sweeping view of the Pacific Ocean from which bathers can feel one with nature; and an 18 karat gold bath said to change bathers' fortunes for the better. Note that the hotel's bathing facilities are only usable by guests.

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