No.18 Ogoto Onsen (Shiga) No.18 Ogoto Onsen (Shiga)

Ogoto Onsen (Shiga)



No.18 Ogoto Onsen (Shiga)

A history-leaden hot spring district records state was discovered by the great monk Saicho, founder of Tendai Buddhism, 1,200 years ago. Situated at the foot of holy Mt. Hiei near such famous Shiga destinations as Lake Biwa and the Hiyoshi Taisha shrine, this hot spring district is also conveniently close to Kyoto and Osaka and bustles year-round with tourists making use of it as a base for their sightseeing activities. The area's highly alkaline simple springs have a pH of 9.0; gentle on the skin and body, their waters are renowned for their beautifying properties, and are particularly popular with women because they leave the skin soft and smooth.

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