No.9 Nanki-Shirahama Onsen (Wakayama) No.9 Nanki-Shirahama Onsen (Wakayama)

Nanki-Shirahama Onsen (Wakayama)



No.9 Nanki-Shirahama Onsen (Wakayama)

A hot spring district which was discovered over 1,300 years ago and which is considered one of Japan's three greatest ancient hot spring sites. Also noted in the ancient Man'yoshu and the Nihon Shoki, records state that many nobles and members of the Imperial Family, such as Empress Saimei and Emperor Monmu, bathed here. One of the highlights of this hot spring district is its location, which offers a commanding view of beautiful white sand beach and vast blue ocean, and the area bustles with tourists and hot spring-lovers particularly during swimming season. hydrogen carbonate springs, chloride spring, and sulfur springs are found in the area, differing by location and facility, and visitors can also enjoy bathing in and comparing their varying qualities.

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