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Gora Onsen (Kanagawa)



28. January. 2019

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A hot spring district whose waters were first successfully extracted in 1949. Today, the area has 46 source springs categorized into three different types; their waters can reach up to 95° C, with the springs containing higher and higher quantities of sodium chloride the higher their temperature. Here visitors can enjoy five different hot spring varieties and due to their differing colors, this area is also known as the five pastel colors hot spring. The waters of these springs provide a variety of health benefits. In addition to being able to enjoy lovely seasonal scenery from the area's baths, exploring the town and visiting local facilities such as the Hakone Museum of Art, the Hakone Open-Air Museum, and the Hakone Meissen Antique Museum is also fun. The Hakone Gora Summer Festival Daimonji Yaki, held in mid-August, is a massive event which includes a fireworks display, performances, and, most famously, the use of huge fires on a hillside to write out the character for big.

No.6 Gora Onsen (Kanagawa)

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