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Spring Valley Brewery



22. January. 2019

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Spring Valley Brewery’s taverns are a self-conscious riff on American-style brew pubs, importing the atmosphere and vibe, but setting them in interesting spaces (an old machiya near Nishiki Market, for the Kyoto shop, a brick warehouse in Yokohama, and a postmodern hunting lodge on Log Road Daikanyama in Tokyo) and stocking them with Japanese made beers. The SVB brews on tap are a bit more conventional than you might find at other taverns on this list, but the quality is high and the atmosphere is welcoming. This is the corporate side of the craft beer world, with SVB overseen by Kirin—part of their effort to capture sharp and monied consumers that have jumped ship from the megabrews and chain izakayas—but it’s tough to knock the execution.

Spring Valley Brewery

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