Maker's Pier

Situated adjacent to Legoland Japan, Maker's Pier is not a regular shopping complex. Under the theme of “Makertainment”, the complex represents the idea of entertainment through the act of creating something.
There are a lot of food outlets and shops in the compound, with many of them offering “try it yourself” experiences.

  • Saijoen Matcha Café

    Saijoen Matcha Café

    At Saijoen Matcha Café 西条園抹茶カフェ, you can enjoy flavorful tea by grinding your own matcha and preparing it afterwards.
    At Sample Kobo, you can learn how to make intricate food samples, the kinds you often see in Japanese restaurants.
    The facility consists of a well-kept garden and a central park with a large water fountain, which make it an action-packed spot.

    Maker’s Pier


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