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Katsuo no tataki



19. April. 2019

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Arguably Kochi’s most famous dish is katsuo no tataki, a fresh, very softly broiled, sliced bonito tuna dish served on a bed of spring onions, ginger, garlic and topped with seasoning salt or soy sauce and vinegar or citrus. Traditionally, katsuo no tataki is meant to be broiled over a straw fire until the outer layer is ever so gently grilled. However, these days ambitious local chefs have reinvented the dish and Myojinmaru is one place where you can try a brand new interpretation of an old favorite. Focusing on bonito as their menu staple, this intimate and laid back local restaurant chain serves a special dish known as the katsuo tataki burger, a recreation of an old classic.

Katsuo no tataki

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