Amanohashidate Amanohashidate

Visit Amanohashidate, one of Japan's three most scenic views




Amanohashidate 天橋立 is a natural land bridge covered by nearly 8,000 pine trees that spans the mouth of Miyazu Bay.
It’s located in the northern part of Kyoto and takes about two hours by bus or train from Kyoto Station.

Here, you can explore the peaceful and divine sandbar on foot or by bike.
Then admire the entire view of Amanohashidate at the observatory through the "matanozoki" position, which involves turning your back to the bay, bending forward, and looking between your legs.

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What to Do in Amanohashidate
Located along the mouth of Miyazu Bar in northern Kyoto sits Amanohashidate one of Japan's three most scenic locations…

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