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Buy a Lucky Bamboo Rake at the Tori no ichi Festival



16. June. 2019

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The Tori no ichi Festival (酉の市) (translating as “rooster market”) is said to have originated at the Otori Shrine in Asakusa and is for those who wish for prosperity and success in business.
It is held in November every year on the days of the rooster in the Chinese zodiac calendar, which will be on November 8th and 20th this year.

The most important element of the festival is the kumade (a colorfully decorated bamboo rake) that’s sold by many vendors. In the past, the primary purchasers of Kumade were business owners but nowadays, many people come looking for a kumade to boost their fortunes.
You can enjoy the festival gourmet at the stalls around the shrine all day long, 24 hours.

Tori no ichi Festival

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