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Take a Photo at Sensoji



16. June. 2019

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Asakusa hosts one of the most famous and popular temples in Tokyo. Sensoji dates back to 628, when it was built as a place to worship Kannon, the goddess of mercy. The current temple structures dates back to 1958. Today, thousands of people visit Sensoji every year, with many of them first making a stop at the Kaminarimon 雷門 (“Thunder Gates”), the main gate in front of the temple, is usually crowded with people posing for photographs before heading down Nakamise, the street that leads to the main temple buildings. Sensoji also contains Asakusa-jinja, a Shinto shrine located within the temple grounds. The area is particularly vibrant during Sanja Matsuri, the biggest festival in Tokyo, taking place over four days in late spring.


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