Heading to Nokonoshima Island Heading to Nokonoshima Island

Admire the seasonal flowers of Nokonoshima Island



Heading to Nokonoshima Island

It might only be 10 minutes by ferry from Fukuoka, but Nokonoshima Island feels a world away. It’s situated in the middle of Hakata Bay and is blanketed in beautiful flowers during the spring and autumn seasons.

There’s just one private ferry departing every hour for the island, with one-way fares costing 230 yen for adults and 120 yen for children. Once you arrive on the island, you can utilize the Nishitetsu bus service for getting around or rent a bicycle (or e-bike) to explore at your leisure.

  • The main highlight is the Nokonoshima Island Park (1,000 yen), which a picturesque place to stroll or play a unique game that’s a cross between golf and croquet. Don’t miss the opportunity to eat at the famous Noko Udon shop that serves delicious udon noodles and burgers inside the flower-filled park.

    Aside from Nokonoshima’s flowers, you can also visit the charming Eifukuji temple and kilns that date back to the 17th century. If you’re interested in the island’s history, stop in at the Nokonoshima Museum, which also offers impressive views back towards Fukuoka.

    Nokonoshima Island Park

    Nokonoshima Island Park

    the Noko Udon

    the Noko Udon

    Nokonoshima Island Park


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