Koinobori Koinobori

Koinobori and Children's Day (こいのぼりと子供の日)




The final day of Golden Week (May 5) is marked across Japan by Children’s Day, which honors the youth and their future as healthy and strong individuals. In the lead up to the event, koinobori (carp-shaped windsocks) are flown above houses with children and the world’s largest Koinobori Festival (the Koinobori Village Festival) takes place. It’s held every year from late March to early May in the city of Tatebayashi in Gunma.

  • Tatebayashi Koinobri Festival

    Tatebayashi Koinobri Festival

    Traditionally, koinobori would be created in sets, with a black one representing the father and a red one his eldest son while a Gogatsu Ningyo warrior doll was also displayed in the home. However, after Boy’s Day was changed into Children’s Day, the red koinobori now represents the mother and different colors are used to represent both sons and daughters.

    Gogatsu ningyo

    Gogatsu ningyo

    Tatebayashi City Office
    Gunma Tatebayashi-shi Shiromachi 1-1

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