Meow! Giant 3D Cat In Shinjuku



The huge 3D calico cat towering over the street of Shinjuku is attracting an audience. If Hachi the dog symbolizes Shibuya, then surely, this kitty yet to be named will be the iconic mascot of Shinjuku. Changing its behaviors from moving towards the edge of the billboard to meowing, yawing, stretching, and more between visual advertisements, this cat looms over the famous shopping districts in Shinjuku.

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    Shinjuku Calico May Bring Luck?

    The display, Cross Shinjuku Vision, is installed on the rooftop of a low-rise building across JR Shinjuku Station. Every few minutes between 7 am to 8 pm and even for a longer time depending on the social status, the friendly talking kitty meows from the building across the east exit of JR Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. The beautiful images projected on the screen are capable of showing 3D videos allowing such a realistic calico cat to move around in its “box” like home. The L-shaped curve has a variety of expressions and makes this giant 3D kitty look even more dynamic. However, from a certain angle, the cat may look flat.

    On this screen measuring over 150 square meters, the projected calico cat became the new landmark of Shinjuku, although the iconic dino character, Godzilla is still fighting over to win its appearance a few minutes walk from this kitty. After making its official appearance on July 12th, a different short video of a cat is projected to awe the passers-by below throughout the day. Every hour at 0 minutes, the video of a cat waking up and at night, a different video of a cat yawning and lying down to get to sleep is projected on the screen.

    The outdoor 3D digital advertising billboard has been gaining attention for the past few years especially in Asian countries. However, in Japan, it was rarely installed. Starting from this 3D calico cat, Japan might see more of its kind. From a building across, Cross Space, a company that implemented the screen has installed a camera that provides live youtube feeds. Together with the live broadcast, a live stream from a VR camera with a 180-degree field of view is also offered. From the kitty’s official twitter account, @cross_s_vision, a schedule of the kitty’s appearance is being posted.

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