Vegan Friendly Bar In Roppongi: 0% Non-Alcohol Experience



Vegan Friendly Bar In Roppongi: 0% Non-Alcohol Experience

Surrounded by clubs and bars, 0% Non-Alcoholic Experience is something of an oxymoron in Roppongi. This Japan's first vegan-friendly and non-alcoholic bar has an unusual “outer space” like atmosphere with neon lights that creates a bar-like space sans alcohol. Gaining rapid popularity among young women in their early twenties and now across all ages and genders, this bar is a new place to socialize in Roppongi even for those who can’t drink alcohol for many reasons.

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    Returning our souls and mind to the primordial

    “0% was opened as a non-alcoholic bar with the intention of bringing the mind and body to a neutral and natural state, not hyper, high, or low” argues The Human Miracle Company who produced this bar. Refocusing the five senses and resetting our bodies and minds to zero to bring back to the revitalized state, 0% has designed their interior accordingly. Based on the concept of "a new kind of non-alcoholic drink that is neither alcoholic nor soft drink," the bar has been designed to stimulate the five senses in such a way that features the “outer space”.

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    The First Bar In The Outer Space

    The minimalist futuristic interior of 0% Non-Alcohol Experience is divided into three areas. As if to space warp from the hustle and bustle of the streets of Roppongi, customers will land on the “moon” area. The bar counter and the seats are lit up under warm orange light. There are two mirrors on the "moon" but the reflection in the mirror displayed in the center of the counter is somewhat different from the norm creating an optical illusion. This rather unique mirror reflects the streets of Roppongi but is distorted. It is deliberately curved to make people who look at it a little drunk even while drinking non-alcohol drinks. Being a little “tipsy” and wrapped in this orange light, surely, the body will be revitalized, just what The Human Miracle Company intended to design.

    Transcending from the "moon", the next area is called the "Metal Area." Surrounded by a metallic wall, the neon lights are most impressive. And if you look at the ceiling above it, there is a Milky Way. In this unrealistic inorganic space, the tricolor neons reflect different rays of light on the metallic wall which gives a drifting feeling as if you are floating in space.

    At the back end of the bar, the third area, the “experience room” is a cozy place with sofas mainly used during events. The white and bright color-coordinated room has a sense of cleansing the soul and feel like the lost energy regained. This third area is also designed under the idea of “bringing the mind and body to a neutral and natural state” as stated by The Human Miracle Company. After drinking non-alcohol cocktails and feasting on the vegan-friendly cuisines, the tired souls and minds will be reset.

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    Non-Alcoholic Mixology

    An alternative to the standard non-alcoholic beverages, drinks served at 0% Non-Alcohol Experience isn't just “juice”. Unlike many other bars serving non-alcoholic drinks made by using syrups, the bartenders here have skills as a cocktail bartender with an alcohol base coming up with drinks made from 0% from fresh ingredients. And to make the bar even more original, the focus is on using Japanese drinks such as non-alcohol Sake.

    The bar offers various kinds of cocktails from signature to seasonal and of all, the seasonal Jupiter IO, a drink made of 0% alcoholic white wine and sake combined with cranberry juice, rose and vetiver is a drink that can not be tasted anywhere else. Despite the surprisingly strong aroma of sake, this strange non-alcoholic drink is very refreshing and easy to drink. The slight sweetness and crunchiness of the vegan-friendly millet sugar on the edge of the cup makes the strong taste of sake milder and sweeter.

    On the other hand, the signature drink, Iceland Bubble made with jasmine tea, pineapple, vinegar, ginger, brown sugar syrup, and butterfly pea gives a groundbreaking taste never experienced elsewhere. The pungent smell of the vinegar and the tangy flavor of the ginger mixed up into a slightly sour drink is pleasing to the eye and the mouth. These two strong ingredients make it almost forget that this non-alcoholic cocktail is made based on a jasmine tea which is hard to notice. Unlike others, this drink is less sweet and best described more like an herbal tea-based cocktail.

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    Vegan Friendly Bar Food

    Non-alcohol cocktails aren't just all about 0%. Its delicious savory adds another delight to coming over here to satisfy everyone's appetites. The vegan quesadilla with fried avocado made with soy meat-based sauce goes well onto the crunchy avocado fries. This is a perfect light meal for both vegans and people who want to reduce animal fat in their diet. Besides their specialty quesadillas, there are other light snacks such as chocolates and mixed nuts.

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    0% Non-Alcohol Experience

    5 minute walk from Roppongi Station Exit 3 on Hibiya Line and Oedo Line.

    Free Wifi are available with power outlet

    Tokyo Minato-ku Roppongi 5-2-4
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