7 Recommended Places with Contactless Services in Tokyo



The need for "contactless" services has increased dramatically since the pandemic. Serving, ordering and from payment to pickup, convenient transactions in highly sanitary manners has been a trend since then. These “contactless” services are becoming the new normal in the food and beverage industry with more restaurants and shops incorporating these ideas. Here are 7 places in Tokyo that have already begun “contactless” services since 2020.

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    Blue Star Burger (Nakameguro)

    BLUE STAR BURGER, which opened its first store in Nakameguro on November 10, 2020, is a takeout only hamburger shop. By downloading their app, customers can place their order and make payment. Once the process is done, it's just simple and easy pick up at the stand reserved for takeout orders at the shop. The shop keeps limited inventories of fresh ingredients in stock at the shop to prepare the menu to reduce food loss. The app can be downloaded from here.

    ブルースターバーガー 中目黒店
    東京都目黒区上目黒3-1-4 グリーンプラザビル 1F
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    Kura Sushi (Asakusa)

    Not entirely “contactless” but, the popular conveyor belt Kura Sushi opened its global flagship branch in Asakusa back in January 2020. From using a self check-in machine to get a table to placing orders using multilingual touch screen and automatic bill calculation using plate with QR code, Kura Sushi reduced as much “contact” with one another.

    A 200-yen dish comes with two plates, so separate them before inserting them into the pocket for automatic bill calculation.

    A 200-yen dish comes with two plates, so separate them before inserting them into the pocket for automatic bill calculation.

    無添 くら寿司 浅草ROX店


    2 Reviews
    Kura Sushi Asakusa Rox: 100-yen Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant's First Global Flagship
    Japanese Cuisine
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    Touch To Go Kiosk (Takanawa Gateway Station)

    An unmanned AI payment kiosk opened at Takanawa Gateway Station in March 2020. This new station serves the JR Yamanote Line and Keihin-Tohoku Line and just one stop from Shinagawa station where bullet trains stop. This new station has impressive architecture inspired by traditional culture and designed by the renowned Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma.

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    Touch And Go Coffee (Nihonbashi)

    Touch-and-Go Coffee, an unmanned coffee stand specialize in making original coffees from flavors to labels on bottles. Orders are to be placed online and customers will pick it up at the store’s locker. There are two types of drinks on the menu: black (250 yen) and latte (300 yen), and can also order vegan chocolate, brownies, nut bars, and other easy-to-prepare baked goods as snacks to go. To order, customers will need to download LINE app and make an order from here.

    TOUCH-AND-GO COFFEE Nihonbashi
    Tokyo Chuo-ku Nihonbashi 1-13-1 Hi Kurogane Nihonbashi Building 1F
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    Park Community KIBACO (Kiba)

    Park Community KIBACO was opened in Kiba Park in Koto-ku, Tokyo. It is a café where customers can eat in or take out sandwiches and salads made from seasonal vegetables directly delivered from the local area. And also serves as a market that sells fresh vegetables and freshly made lunch boxes too. Besides the delivering of the food, everything else from ordering to payment can be done “contactless” using smartphones. By scanning the sticker with the code placed on the table, customers can order their food and make payment.

    Scan the CUONA service to place order and make payment

    Scan the CUONA service to place order and make payment

    Park Community KIBACO
    Tokyo Koto-ku Kiba 5-7
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    Pepper PARLOR (Shibuya)

    Pepper Parlor, a cafe where robots and humans coexist has opened in Shibuya Tokyu Plaza, a new commercial facility near Shibuya Station. The robot, Pepper, guides the customers through the ordering and checkout process using a tablet, and will look at your face to judge your physical condition and suggest menu items that it recommends. There is also a table where customers can share a table with Pepper, and can interact with it. The menu is also carefully designed, and the coffee machine is the only one in the world that faithfully reproduces a barista's hand drip, so customers can enjoy the first-class taste at any time.

    Tokyo Shibuya-ku Dogenzaka 1-2-3 Tokyu Plaza Shibuya 5F

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