Limited Cyberpunk Event at Ginza Sony Park featuring Japanese Rock Band



An experimental, ever-changing park with a series of subterranean attractions, Ginza Sony Park welcomes Japanese rock band King Gnu and millennium parade along with a team of creative label, PERIMETRON to host a chaotic and cyberpunk “theme park” for a limited time until the end of January 2021. Visitors can enjoy themselves in the interactive exhibits derived from their world of music videos.

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    Based on the theme of "Currently under construction (= unfinished and temporary state, or interim progress)" as denoted on the official website, the exhibition got its inspiration from the ever-changing park of Ginza Sony Park which just began season 2 of its massive redevelopment due to finish by 2025.

    Ginza Sony Park

    Ginza Sony Park

    The exhibition displays actual props used in the music videos from King Gnu’s song, “Hikohtei (Flying Boat)” and costumes from the millenium parade’s song “lost and found” which these are scattered around Ginza Sony Park from the ground floor to all the way to its lowest floor, B4. Once going down the stairs from the street level to B1, visitors can pick up their reserved tickets. On one side of the floor, a Japanese tea stand, Gen Gen An offers various Japanese teas and ice cream while the other half exhibits some of the props, costumes and a collection of King Gnu’s graphic T-shirts.

    Actual props and costumes from the music videos

    Actual props and costumes from the music videos

    Japanese tea and ice cream from Gen Gen An

    Japanese tea and ice cream from Gen Gen An

    Once picking up the ticket at the counter, the real exhibition begins over at B2. In the area titled "MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION," there are nearly 40 TVs/monitors with two large speakers on either sides where visitors can watch music videos by King Gnu and millennium parade. A BOSS FS-5U footswitch and an FV-50L volume pedal are lined up on the floor and stepping on the FS-5U changes the music video piece, while stepping on the FV-50L changes the color and effects of the video.

    Album covers by the two artists are on display in the far corner over at the Cover Art Collection Area while in front is the Fly with me LIVE 3D mini-theater where visitors put on 3D glasses to see a 5-minute short clip from millennium parade Live 2019.

    Further deep down to B3 features a world derived from the music video in millennium parade's song “Plankton” where the iconic car which originally was in CG is now recreated as an actual car. As the music video took place at a gas station, to replicate the neon cyberpunk world, there is a neon "GAS" sign behind the car with a few more on the walls. Even the painting and interior of the car have been faithfully reproduced, with the car loaded with old monitors.

    Looking up towards the ceiling in the open space in front of Into the Plankton area, Hikohtei Shonen Boy, a character drawn on the album cover of “Hikohtei (Flying Boat)” by King Gnu as its name implies is “flying” in the air.

    Right before going down the semi-swirling stairs to the final floor of the exhibition of #014 GNU-MILLEPARK on B4, the puppets appeared in the song, “Slumberland” by King Gnu awaits the fans.

    Unlike the above two floors where visitors are literally walking into the clubs or more, virtual live performances of the two artists, the final floor of the exhibition on B4 is quiet and features artwork by Ryusuke Sano. He is the artist who worked on the cover albums of King Gnu and millenium parade. The theme of the wall art is "Tokyo Chaotic," and it is painted with various materials and colors. As visitors continue to look at the wall art, some may see things like bears and tigers but some may see things differently. Sano deliberately drew such artwork because he believes that “From up close or farther out, I think a variety of different pictures will come into view. My own vision is that it looks like a picture no matter where it's cut off, and that everyone who sees it has a different impression of it and their own parts that they like” as he commented on the official webpage.

    Looks like a boar but also from different views, can look like a face of a person

    Looks like a boar but also from different views, can look like a face of a person

    B4 has a small seafood restaurant offering finger foods like burgers, calamari, and other seafood dishes. Stopping by here for a quick break from the exhibition is a plus. Things mentioned in the article are just a short glimpse of the exhibition as there is so much more offered. If you are planning to participate in the event, keep your eyes open and your senses fully engaged. Those who are unable to attend the event can enjoy the online streaming of the performances on its official webpage here.

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    Event Detail



    October 21st 2020 - January 31st 2021
    Closed between December 31st 2020 to January 2021

    11:00 am to 19:00 pm


    Free of entry but will need a reservation. Reservation can be made here.


    The event is held at Ginza Sony Park


    Connected via the B9 Exit of Tokyo Metro Ginza Station (Marunouchi Line/Ginza Line/Hibiya Line)
    5 minutes walk from the Central Exit of JR Yurakucho Station (Yamanote Line/Keihin-Tohoku Line)

    GinzaSonyPark (Ginza Sony Park)
    Tokyo Chuo-ku Ginza 5-3-1
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