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Spreading the happiness through ramen, Dosanko, a popular Japanese ramen restaurant has begun to serve extremely colorful new noodles, Happy Rainbow Ramen. Exclusively available at 6 stores with limited number of bowls per day, this ramen will surely break out the customers into a smile to perk the mood.

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    Happy Rainbow Ramen

    Since 1961, Dosanko has been serving some of the best ramen noodles in Japan, and has brought the authentic dish across the globe. Dosanko has expanded during the 60s and 70s with many branches including New York which they opened way back in 1974. At that time, the word “ramen” wasn’t standardized, so they kept their English name, “Dosanko Larmen” till now, reflecting history. After rebranding, they returned to the U.S. to open a location in Los Angeles in 2014, and a few more openings later in Paris, Melbourne, and now Dallas. As tout, "perfect match of noodles with well-blended miso paste and vegetables," which they call "a bowl of happiness", Dosanko now has created a ramen featuring seven shades of the rainbow to spread the “happiness”.

    Happy Rainbow Ramen is a bowl of ramen noodles that is made in hope to create a happy topic to bring positive lights to cheer the restaurant industry, diners and people’s social media. To uniformly place the shade of the rainbow, each color is placed on individual slices of char siu roast pork on top of a mound of crisp vegetables and noodles. Customers will have plenty of time to take instagrammable photos to share on social media as the colors won’t seep out into the broth thanks to being on top of the char siu roast pork.

    While the vivid color may look shocking to some, however, this colorful treat is actually a cheese fondue sauce made from gorgonzola cheese. This is the key to adding umami flavor to the already long running popular miso curry ramen. Originally, back 50 years ago, to commemorate the 500th franchise store, curry ramen was born. And to commemorate the 60th anniversary in 2021, curry ramen was remade by adding miso, hence miso curry ramen was born. The new miso curry ramen itself is insanely tasty with a bit of spiciness as curry does and match really well with the crisp vegetables and noodles. But, by adding this cheese fondue sauce makes the curry noodle milder in flavor, stimulating the appetite. Rich creaminess of the gorgonzola and the curry sounds like a clash in flavors and do not complement each other. But, combining in the right measures and with proper techniques, putting these two gave a magic to Happy Rainbow Ramen turning it into an addictive ramen that you would want to go for seconds. The noodles were thick and chewy, with a texture that wasn’t too soft nor too firm and was perfect for the soup. It’s indeed one satisfying bowl of ramen.

    Originally from Hokkaido, Dosanko started with a miso broth base, since miso is the preferred ramen style in Hokkaido. Even though all Dosanko shops use the same miso, because it is a franchise store, depending on the area, the taste, the thickness of the noodle and flavors offered are different. Out of the many, only 6 stores have decided to serve this Happy Rainbow Ramen, which quickly went viral on social media. Happy Rainbow Ramen is being exclusively served at 6 Dosanko branches and its sister restaurants; Tokyo (Dosanko Otemachi, Misozen Marunouchi, Dosanko Shin Kiba), Chiba (Dosanko Yachiyodai), Yamagata (Dosanko x Toritestu Tamahoidaimae) and Aichi (Dosanko Shimomaezu). Every day, the number of bowls that can be served and the time served are different depending on the stores. Don’t underestimate the popularity of this super rare ramen as the ramen solds out instantly.

    Dosanko Ramen (Otemachi)
    Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Otemachi 1-6-1 Otemachi Building B2F
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