Largest Muji Store in Kanto Region at Ariake in Tokyo



Part of Ariake Garden, a large scale shopping and entertainment complex in Tokyo Bay conveniently located between the Toyosu Market and Odaiba, a largest Muji Store in the Kanto region opened on December 3rd 2020. Based on a survey of people living in the Ariake area, the new mega store will aim to create a store that focuses on "clothing, food and shelter". Not only this new store will cover almost all MUJI products, but also offers eight new products/services in three themes: “Life Support” “Home Building” and “Community Development.” And for the first time, Muji will start selling food by weight too . Going beyond the traditional concept of a department store, Muji store in Ariake aimes to become a full-scale grocery store that will serve the daily lives of the local community.

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    1st Floor: Life Support

    The first floor is dedicated to the theme, "Life Support" where it serves like a full-scale grocery store selling fresh produce and foods by weight. In addition, there are also collections of familiar Muji products such as frozen foods, snacks and curries and a café and a bakery space where shoppers can eat and drink on spot too. To further improve the living environment of the surrounding communities, a permanent water dispenser provides water for free which can be filled up with your own water bottles or purchase a Muji bottle to fill it up.

    As a Muji store, for the first time, food will be sold by weight. There are more than 50 kinds of food products such as sweets, coffee, grains, nuts, dried fruits, etc. are on sale. Each can be purchased from 20grams.

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    Tea Blending Service

    Like the Muji’s flagship store in Ginza, a tea blending service is available at this Ariake store too. 32 different types of blended tea made from organic green tea, roasted green tea, and rooibos tea, are sold by weight. The teas are blended after the order is taken, so shoppers can watch the blending process and enjoy it at its freshest. Each of these teas have its purposes from relaxation to refreshing to more.

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    Juice Stand and Bakery

    Juice stand is available with fresh juice, made to order with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Only at this store, 3 limited flavors: fruits mix, lassi and soy banana juices are offered.

    Small size smoothie/juice are available for 400 yen (tax inclusive)

    Small size smoothie/juice are available for 400 yen (tax inclusive)

    And right next to the juice stand, there is a bakery with a variety of bread baked freshly in-store that will surely satisfy the appetite of any shoppers. Only at this bakery, curry bread, a Japanese curry encased in bread dough, lightly covered in panko bread crumbs, and then deep fried till golden brown are available.

    Curry Bread

    Curry Bread

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    Muji Ariake Limited "Green & Flower"

    GREEN&FLOWER sells foliage plants that go along well with interior designs especially using Muji’s furnitures providing a monthly subscription service. Before, the green products were relatively small tabletop greens only but at this store these will be available in large sizes of up to one to two meters in length too. These greens are expected to be sold in units of 3 months, 6 months or a year so that from beginners to those who want to take in full-scale can enjoy the foliage plants.
    The monthly rental service will be postponed to around January 2021 and more detailed information is to be released on their webpage soon.

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    2nd floor: Home Building

    One of the most noteworthy features of the Muji Store in Ariake is its new services such as "partial renovation" and "DIY support," which aims to support building the spaces that we live in. The second floor is designed in 4 different themes, homes, offices, commercial facilities and public spaces. As you proceed to the back of the second floor, the striking "Yo-no-Ie (Plain House)" catches the customers eye. The first full-scale model house in the Tokyo metropolitan area has been installed, and the store is also furnished with furniture designed to resemble a living space. Compared to the usual natural colors that bring out the texture of wood, there are more items in black on sale on this floor. These new "black" products are developed based on a survey of people living in the Ariake area where the people who live in the neighborhood tend to choose monotone furniture. Aside from the black furniture series, there are other interior items limited to this store such as Scandinavian vintage furniture, IDEE art and green, etc.

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    MUJI INFILL + is a service exclusive to Muji store in Ariake where customers can order a partial remodeling project such as a kitchen, toilet, or bedroom. With door handles and flooring samples, customers can pick up the item of their choices on spot. This is the place to go for to get a casual consultation on how to perform a renovation to create a house of your taste. Also, MUJI INFILL 0, a full renovation project service that will support customers in their search for a property and help create a house that meets their needs are available too.

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    DIY Support

    Seminars and workshops will also be held for those who want to get started with DIY. This workshop will help participants in all levels, from DIY beginners to experts to experience basic DIY knowledge, like wall painting etc through events such as seminars and workshops so that they can take the first step of DIY.
    Details of the workshops will be announced on the official app.

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    3rd floor: Lifestyle Products & Recycling

    The third floor is dedicated to clothing, cosmetics, stationery, and other lifestyle products. The new store will also be working with the local Koto city government to start a recycling programme for old clothes and other unwanted household items. There are recycling boxes set up on this floor to collect old clothes and plastics as well as promoting food drive initiatives.

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    Embroidery Service

    Embroidery service at Muji provides cute embroidery on tote bags and backpacks sold at the store. The white drawstring bags sold here can also be embroidered with letters, making them perfect for gift wrapping. Even the Ariake store exclusive mufflers which can be cut at any length of the customers choice can add embroidery too.

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    Detergents purchase by volume

    There are 5 types, clothing laundry detergent, bath detergent, toilet detergent, dishwashing detergent and alkaline electrolyzed water cleaner are available for purchase by volume. Customers will need to either bring used plastic bottles etc. or buy MUJI detergent bottles to fill up with the detergent of their choices.

    70yen (tax inclusive)/100ml but dishwashing detergent is 120yen (tax inclusive)/100ml

    70yen (tax inclusive)/100ml but dishwashing detergent is 120yen (tax inclusive)/100ml

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    Muji Tokyo Ariake

    Open Hours: 10:00am to 20:00pm
    Last orders at 19:30 for café&Meal MUJI

    Yurikamome Line
    4 minutes walk from Ariake Station
    3 minutes walk from Ariake Tennis no Mori Station

    Tokyo Rinkai Line
    7 minutes walk from Kokusa Tenjijo Station

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