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Haneda Innovation City aka HICity. Just one stop via the monorail from Haneda Tokyo International Airport Terminal 3, some of the facilities at a major cultural and technological complex finally opened on September 18th 2020 ahead of its grand opening in 2022. The complex will include an innovative clinical research center, labs and offices, a Japanese cultural experience facility, a hydrogen charging station, a music hall named Zepp Haneda, and restaurants and accommodations.

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    Innovative Technologies

    In addition to shopping, Japanese restaurants, and live events, unique to HICity is where visitors can experience the latest ICT like self-driving buses, robots, MR, low-speed automated driving mobility, and more. These are all aimed to incubate innovative technologies through collaboration with SMEs where the state-of-the-art research facilities at this city have a capability in the areas of medicine, mobility, robotics, hydrogen technology and so on. Part of its projects can be seen in many different forms but of all, Kajima Corporation debuted its dog like robot where it will be on guard together with the guard man to watch over the safety. Aside from that, ANA Holdings has created an avatar called “new me” which these “Avatars are a breakthrough in physical access that will make it possible to deliver human resources and specialized skills to where they are needed the most.” according to its webpage. The spokesman stated during the opening event on September 18th 2020 that this avatar, “new me” will be the first robot to hold its demonstration experiment at HICity in hope that one day, this robot will substitute the role of the security to offer a more effective and efficient security system.

    dog like robot "Spot"

    dog like robot "Spot"

    "new me" avatar

    "new me" avatar

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    Japanese Restaurants

    HICity is conceptualized as a gateway to Japan, where visitors can experience Japanese culture and hospitality, greenery and landscape design. Around the so-called “Innovation Corridor”, varieties of cultural and technological facilities are located to “to boost the creation of new experiences and values.” Of all, Satomusubi, a Japanese restaurant collaborates with all the cities, towns and villages in Japan to offer different food and sake using the food materials only available in those regions. Every few months, each of those places in Japan will take turns to change so every visit, visitors will get to experience something different. Color coded map of Japan is on the wall where visitors can know which municipalities are offering the food now. Orange represents the places that have collaborated before, while green shows the current places offering local gourmets.

    Across the Innovation Corridor from Satomusubi, Japanese food street, “Haneda Mukashibanashi (Folktale) Yokocho Alley” will satisfy the visitors appetite with jaw-dropping Japanese gourmets in collaboration with famous restaurants with authentic roots in various fields to rediscover the appeal of Japanese food.

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    Chinese Restaurant: Shunkoen

    Dumplings in Kamata became popular next to those in Utsunomiya. These dumplings are more known as “gyoza” in Japanese which are small dumplings filled with ingredients such as minced pork and vegetables. They can be cooked in a number of ways, from pan-fried to deep-fried to even boiled. This pan-fried, known as "yaki gyoza’" is the most popular way of preparing it in Japan, and the gyoza with wings is a speciality born in Kamata. Shunkoen is one of the famous Chinese restaurant featured on many TVs and magazines that offer this winged gyoza. These “wings” on the gyoza are made from the starch off the gyoza reacting to the oil which creates a crispy layer underneath. The combination of the crispy “wings'' and the juice from the gyoza are to die for which goes great with beer. It's a must to try menus if you drop by at HICity.

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    Bar & Dining

    Haneda Sky Brewing is a casual bar and dining where visitors can enjoy freshly brewed "Made in Ota" craft beers from around the world using carefully selected malts and hops without any flavors, colors, or preservatives. Also, selected craft beers brewed in Tokyo (Pale Ale, IPA, etc.) are available too. The chef's popular Italian cuisine, vegetables from Magome, seasonal ingredients from Nagai City in Yamagata Prefecture, Edo Tokyo vegetables from Ota Market, and brand-name ingredients from the Tohoku region will be used in the seasonal gourmets.

    Craft beer "Tenku IPA"with a strong aroma and bitterness, with a refreshing aftertaste.

    Craft beer "Tenku IPA"with a strong aroma and bitterness, with a refreshing aftertaste.

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    Entertainment Facility: Dejima1→10

    The entertainment facility, "Haneda Dejima | DEJIMA by 1 → 10" present a program, "The Heart of ZIPANGU" based on the concept of "the Japan that never opened up", a fictional world of Japanese traditions and traditions. Using MR (Mixed Reality) technology with Magic Leap 1, this fictional world is expressed nonverbally through combining the latest digital technology in addition to live dances and combats.

    The program are subject to change

    The program are subject to change

    Ninja like "kuroko" (running crew on set) wearing Magic Leap 1 Glasses

    Ninja like "kuroko" (running crew on set) wearing Magic Leap 1 Glasses

    In addition, a fan community e-commerce, “ENU” is set up at the museum shop where through the ENU app, customers can directly contact the artists and craftsmen all over Japan to purchase whey they made. This is still new and only available in Japanese, however, in future, the spokesman said the app will soon be multilingual.

    Scan the QR code on ENU app and it will directly lead to the artist's profile page to purchase/contact them

    Scan the QR code on ENU app and it will directly lead to the artist's profile page to purchase/contact them

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    Music Hall: Zepp Haneda

    On the H zone at HICity, Zepp Haneda, the third of its Zepp Hall in Tokyo, opened. This is the largest Zepp Hall out of 9 halls throughout Japan, which can house a maximum 3,000 guests. Music and various other events are planned to be held inviting artists from all around the world.

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    The park known as the “Artist Village” is a playground with a lawn area where visitors can enjoy jaw dropping pizza while chilling on the lawn to enjoy watching airplanes flying overhead. Made under the theme, “eat and play”, at this park, from children to adults, anyone can have a leisurely time.

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    Foot bath at Sky Deck

    On the rooftop, just above Haneda Dejima | DEJIMA by 1 → 10, there are two large foot baths at the SkyDeck. Here, visitors can relax and spend some time watching the aircraft take off and land from the Runways A and B at Haneda Tokyo International Airport Terminal 3. After a long day, a warm hot bath is an excellent way to soothe tired feet. Free of charge, this foot bath is open every day from 5:30 to 23:30pm. (Time may subject to change depending on weather conditions)

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    Innovation Corridor

    The “Innovation Corridor” is a street that connects the buildings of the HICity. Around this “corridor”, varieties of cultural and technological facilities are located to “to boost the creation of new experiences and values.” The “corridor” is planted with few different types of Japanese trees to represent a Japanese style garden with a lantern designed music boxes that play Japanese music as a BGM. It is highly recommended to visit after sundown as these trees will be lit up beautifully.

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    Hotel: Keikyu EX Inn

    At the J zone in the HICity, a business hotel, Keikyu EX Inn Haneda Innovation City has opened. The hotel will have 259 guest rooms and will be the first Keikyu EX Inn to introduce a public bath.

    There is a dining and book lounge, Creadisce, where hotel guests can have their breakfast between 5am to 10am (l.o 9:30). The lounge is open till 7pm (l.o 6:30pm) and will serve lunch as well. The recommended lunch is a must to have Hashed beef rice topped with caramelized onions and cheap cuts of beef simmered in red wine and tomato paste until the meat is fall-apart tender. It goes really well with the omlet.

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    Combat Flight Simulator

    Within the hotel on the same level as the hotel front desk, Japan's first combat flight simulator store opened. Operated by Luxury Flight, a pioneer of flight simulator experience in Japan, visitors can have a hands-on lesson on how to operate a fighter jet by the experienced pilot or even by a former military pilot. There are three models, F-16, F/A-18, and F-35. Not just experiencing the full-scale virtual flights of each aircraft, but if you visit with a family or friend, all three aircraft can operate simultaneously to simulate formation flights and air battles.

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    Haneda Innovation Center (HICity)

    Closest Station: Tenkubashi station HICity Exit on Tokyo Monorail
    ※Only local train will stop. Rapid and Haneda Express will not stop at this station
    ※One stop away from Haneda Tokyo International Airport Terminal 3
    ※20minutes from Tokyo Station (change to Tokyo Monorail at Hamamatsucho Station)

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