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Finger foods or more commonly known as otsumami in Japanese is a popular simple dish commonly eaten alongside alcoholic beverages. Not only these are served in izakaya taverns as the first food that most Japanese people order in a meal, but can easily be purchased at most convenience stores. Here are some of our favorite otsumami that you can purchase at convenience stores in Japan.

  • 01

    Fried Ginkgo Nuts

    Using a special method to make the most of the original taste of ginkgo nuts, this fried ginko nut from 7-11 is seasoned with the salt from Ishigaki Island in Okinawa. This salt turns the ginko nut more mellow but still can taste the saltiness.

    【Price】181yen(tax inclusive)
    【Serving Size】30gram
    【Pairs well with】Beer & Japanese Sake

  • 02

    Japan Offal Finger Food

    Yamitsuki Horumon~Umakara & Smoky is a product that contain two types of dried pork offal: stomach and heart. As its name implies, its very smoky and also very chewy.

    【Price】179yen(tax inclusive)
    【Serving Size】17grams
    【Pairs well with】Beer

  • 03

    Salmon Jerkey

    Sold at 7-11, using the rich Hokkaido salmon, the skin of this salmon jerky (sake-toba) has been peeled off for it to be in flakes to make it easier to eat. The more you bite into it, the natural taste of the salmon spreads in your mouth making it go for seconds.

    【Price】408yen(tax inclusive)
    【Serving Size】30grams
    【Pairs well with】Whisky, Japanese sake, shochu

  • 04

    Cheese and Cod

    Chewy bits of codfish are kneaded into the 1 year aged cheddar cheese to lend a unique texture that makes munching on it a joy. The more you chew on this 7-11's cheese and cod, the more umami from the rich cheddar will sweep into your mouth.

    【Price】192yen(tax inclusive)
    【Serving Size】34grams
    【Pairs well with】Whisky, Red wine

  • 05

    Smoked Pork Tongue

    The smoking process brings out the beefy succulence while maintaining its firm texture seasoned with a refreshing salt-and-lemon.

    【Price】216yen(tax inclusive)
    【Serving Size】75grams
    【Pairs well with】Beer, Japanese sake

  • 06

    Grilled Cone

    A steady hand and a sharp knife are all you need to cut corn kernels off the cob. But it's quite bothersome especially if you want to eat it immediately. The 7-11’s baked corn helps you take away this hassle since as soon as opening the package, you can eat each kernel with a spoon, filling every bite with the aroma of corn.

    【Price】194yen(tax inclusive)
    【Serving Size】135grams
    【Pairs well with】Beer

  • 07

    Roasted Spicy Cod Roe

    Cod roe is one of Fukuoka's most famous side dishes that goes well with practically anything from sake to a bowl of rice. The roasted cod roe adds layers of flavor, with a slightly grilled skin and soft, dense roe inside, giving it a salty and spicy taste.

    【Price】300yen(tax inclusive)
    【Serving Size】55grams
    【Pairs well with】Beer, Japanese Sake

  • 08


    Edamame is a crucial item when it comes to drinking in Japan and is one of the top choices for otsumami (finger food). Adding extra salt is a plus.

    【Price】170yen(tax inclusive)
    【Serving Size】125grams
    【Pairs well with】Beer

  • 09

    Grilled Smelt with Roe (Shishamo)

    Roasted from head to tail, the entire fish even including the tiny bones can be enjoyed as an appetizer, side dish or entree. Although this small fish has little meat, its caviar is what makes this fish so unique, juicy yet a bit bitter and off-putting.

    【Price】248yen(tax inclusive)
    【Serving Size】5grams
    【Pairs well with】Beer, Japanese Sake

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