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How to plan your trip to Iwakuni, Yamaguchi



20. April. 2020

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Located in the eastern part of Yamaguchi Prefecture, Iwakuni boasts a magnificent wooden arch bridge known as Kintaikyo. Iwakuni-native white snakes are also one of the major attractions and there are several snake-related spots in the city. However, the charm of Iwakuni isn't limited to its structurally beautiful bridge and nationally protected snake. From a recreational park to an eclectically designed restaurant and a charming bakery with a heartwarming story, here’s a selection of spots in Iwakuni that will make your trip worthwhile.

How to plan your trip to Iwakuni, Yamaguchi


  • Grand Chief Bakery
  • Hachigamine Grand Park
  • Charcoal grill restaurant Irori Sanzoku
  • Stop at Irori Sanzoku's gift shop before you go home

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