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Karuizawa 8 Popular Tasting and Unique Souvenirs



20. March. 2020

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Due to its high altitude, Karuizawa is cool all year round. The region has an extremely cold winter, but during summer the weather is comfortably cool and refreshing, and thus is a very popular summer resort tourist destination for Japanese adults, as well as attracting visitors from abroad. Coming from a different angle, Karuizawa is also known as the birthplace of Japanese jam culture!

Below we will introduce 8 special souvenirs including delicious jams, and stylishly created sweets, candles and other miscellaneous goods that can be purchased in Karuizawa.

Karuizawa  8 Popular Great Tasting and Unique Souvenirs


  • Minori Petit Gift(Nagakuraya)
  • Bear Icing Jelly(Nagakuraya)
  • Lemon Honey Butter (Ginray Food)
  • Pudding jam (Cerfeuil Karuizawa)
  • Mendiant (Schokoladen burg Karuizawa Chocolate Hall)
  • THE Karuizawa Beer Premium Clear Dark (Karuizawa Brewery)
  • Farm curry (HAVEST NAGAI FARM)
  • Candles(Candle Secret)

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