Flowers by Naked 2020 -Sakura-

Flowers by Naked 2020 -Sakura- is an interactive garden set in Tokyo, and through 5 senses, visitors can experience the blooming of the cherry blossoms to the smell of the spring to immerse themselves in the world of art and flowers.
This limited-time exhibition is popular with tourists and will take place in Nihonbashi marking its 5th anniversary.
The exhibit welcomes 500,000 visitors, plus over 66,000 Instagram posts, making it an extraordinarily popular cherry blossom viewing event.
Nihonbashi is great for its Edo and Westernization-era atmosphere, and it’s full of delicacies and souvenir shops for an exciting day out.

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    What's Flowers by Naked 2020 -Sakura-?

    Flowers by Naked 2020 -Sakura- is a annual flower themed art event held in spring by NAKED Inc.,popular creative company famous for its 3D projection mapping and illuminations all over Japan.

    You can enjoy a new style of cherry blossom viewing (hanami) with vivid digital installations that stimulate the 5 senses. This exhibition is world-renowned for its many interactive installations that respond to human movement, giving all 5 senses a unique experience.
    Marking its 5th anniversary in Nihonbashi, this year the entire space is covered in cherry blossoms.

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    ― Enjoying the Event

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    1. Digital Cherry Blossom Viewing

    1st area "Prologue"

    1st area "Prologue"

    Once entering the event space, there is a spacious area with a giant picture book taller than most people, and the floor and walls are painted with projected images of flowers. The smell of the flowers abounds for a very relaxing sensation.

    As the pages of the big book are turned, the snow melts and the space is transformed into springtime, expressing the seasonal changes from winter to spring.

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    2. Create a Fairy

    2nd area '' Wildflower Garden ''

    2nd area '' Wildflower Garden ''

    As you follow the stream of water below, you’ll enter the Wildflower Garden, where kocho sakura (P. lannesiana Wils. cv. Kocho) are in full bloom.

    Be sure to watch your step here. If you look closely, there are footprints that point towards the wall. If you stand on the foot prints, then a fairy appears. This fairy is linked to your movements, and if you raise your hands, different kinds of flower petals will spring from the fairy’s fingertips.

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    3. Blow a Dandelion

    3rd area "Dandelion Hill"

    3rd area "Dandelion Hill"

    Next you’ll find Dandelion Hill,, where one giant dandelion is standing all by itself. When you blow on it, the seeds fly off. There are three random scenes that will appear as the backdrop for the exhibit: sunrise, sunset, and nighttime. See which one you get!

    Further inside the exhibit, the Glowing Garden, an area filled with yellow lights and surrounded by mirrors will appear. It’s a place suffused with sunlight, and you can feel like the energy is pouring into you.

    The Hidden Garden space is a gorgeous collaboration between Akane Teshigahara of the Sogetsu Ikebana School. It’s an area decorated with bamboo and flowers where you feel the strength of nature through the elegant bamboo curves.

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    4. Enjoy a Cup of Tea Underneath a Cherry Blossom Tree

    Main floor "Ousai"

    Main floor "Ousai"

    The highlight of the exhibit is the Ousai Garden, where a huge cherry blossom treeis in its full bloom. You’ll lose yourself in the grandeur and magic of the vivid spectacle.

    You might wonder what the balls hanging from the branches are. They’re “fruit” that dwell in the trees, and for 500 yen you can pick the sweet-filled orbs yourself.

    If you set a drink on the tables surrounding the tree, digital flowers bloom and butterflies dance around it. Drinks, including alcoholic beverages, can be purchased at the bar, and there are also Ice Candy bars designed by Jotaro Saito.

    OUSAI Garden: 1200yen

    OUSAI Garden: 1200yen

    Flower Jewelry

    Flower Jewelry

    The fun continues with Flower Jewelry and Flower Fortunes. The fortune flowers can be taken home or tied to the trees afterward.

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    5. See a Live Performance

    Live Performance

    Live Performance

    Across from the shops, there’s a large screen and an open space.

    Every 30 minutes, an AI named Humanoid DJ makes a live DJ set based on the information from visitors. The music is a computer-generated improvisation, so it’ll be unique to your visit.

    The live performance is done by three “flower fairies” that dance to the sound of the music. There might even be bubbles blowing around to entertain the crowd.

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    6. Unique Collaboration with Kiehl’s

    The Secret of Secret Garden

    The Secret of Secret Garden

    On the way out you’ll see an exhibit with the famous New York skincare brand, Kiehl’s. The Secret of Secret Garden is decorated with unusual liquids giving off mysterious lights and rows of beakers in eccentric arrangements.

    Fans of Kiehl’s will surely know what type of flower is suggested by the motif. It’s an interesting detour that makes for great pictures.

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    7. Cute Flower-themed Souvenir

    Hikka Herbarium: 2,500 yen

    Hikka Herbarium: 2,500 yen

    There are rows of flower-themed products in the souvenir corner as you leave the exhibit. Pick up a stylish herbarium for a beautiful flower arrangement from any angle. You might also go for a dry-flower bouquet or flower tea.

    The aroma oils used throughout the interactive exhibit are available for purchase too, in case you want an easy way to remember the special day you’ve had. All of them are flower-based for that relaxing feeling.

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    ― Information about opening times and access

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    COREDO Muromachi 1

    COREDO Muromachi 1

    The venue is on the 5th floor of the Coredo Muromachi 1 building.

    【By Train】

    You can take the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon or Ginza Lines to Mitsukoshimae Station. It’s directly connected via the A6 exit.
    It’s also directly connected to the JR Sobu Line Express at Shin-Nihombashi Station.

    【By Bus】

    There’s a free shuttle bus, the Metrolink Nihombashi, running from the Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station to Nihombashi Station, as well as from Nihombashi Minamizume to the Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station.
    Get off at Nihombashi Muromachi 1-Chome or Mitsui Memorial Museum.

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    Entrance Fees and Event Period

    【Event Period】
    January 30 to March 1, 2020

    【Entrance Fee 】
    Weekdays : Adults 1,800 yen, Children (up to middle school) 1,200 yen
    Weekends and Holidays : Adults 2,200 yen, Children 1,200 yen

    10:00 am to 8:00 pm (doors close at 7:30 pm)

    Nihombashi Mitsui Hall, Coredo Muromachi 1 building, 5th floor (entrance on 4th floor)

    There are also special After Five discount tickets, plus Group Tickets for parties of 3 or more. Check the Official website for more information!

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