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All-you-can-eat! Sweets Paradise Shinjuku



17. February. 2020

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Do you know why every Japanese high school girl been to Sweets Paradise at least once? It’s an all-you-can-eat sweets specialty store!

In fact, the store has more than just sweets. It also has reasonably priced curry, pasta, salads and other food items available. In this article we will check out the Shinjuku East Exit store and explain how to enjoy Sweets Paradise, detailing options such as the available courses and the ordering system.

All-you-can-eat! Sweets Paradise Shinjuku


  • What is Sweets Paradise
  • Courses
  • Ordering System
  • Let the all-you-can-eat begin!
  • Perfect for lunch and dinner!
  • Idol and anime collaborations create an exciting vibe!
  • Access to Sweets Paradise Shinjuku East Exit

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