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The Ultimate Guide for “Evangelion x Hakone 2020 Meet Evangelion in Hakone



30. January. 2020

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Commemorating the “Evangelion: 3.0+1.0” movie release that’s scheduled for June 27 2020, a large collaboration event “Evangelion x Hakone 2020 Meet Evangelion in Hakone” is being held by the Odakyu Group between January 10 and June 30.

This event is taking place in Hakone, a popular tourist destination that is known for its scenic nature, onsen (hot springs) and art museums.

Evangelion x Hakone 2020 Meet Evangelion in Hakone


  • ― What is Evangelion?
  • ― Why in Hakone?
  • ― What kind of collaboration events can we expect?
  • 1. Tokyo-3 Stamp Rally
  • 2. Nerv headquarters take over the Togendai Station "桃源台駅"
  • 3. Evangelion buses
  • 4. The "Spear of Longinus" monument
  • 5. Second Impact Bath at Hakone Kowakien Yunessun
  • ― Event Information

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