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Locations featured in Part2 'Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020'



25. January. 2020

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“Terrace House” is a popular Japanese reality show series that features six boys and girls living under the same roof. Based on the Tokyo 2019-2020 series, this article will take a look at the stylish locations (including cafes, restaurants, bars, and sightseeing spots) that were featured in each episode.

You can check the locations in part1 from here

Locations featured in 'Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020'


  • Yamaken (sushi) from episode 24
  • Dining Bar Table 9 from episode 24
  • Hakone Kowaki-en YUNESSUN Spa Resort from episode 23
  • Koijitei (soba noodle) from episode 22
  • twelv (sake bar) from episode 22
  • Gapao Shokudou (Thai restaurant) from episode 21
  • Kid Blue (where the girls bought pajamas) from episode 21
  • Gio Daikanyama (Italian) from episode 21
  • Trattoria Quattro Ragazzi (Italian) from episode 19
  • Hiki Cafe from episode 19
  • Grilled lamb (Jingisukan) restaurant from episode 19
  • Sourin(soba noodle) from episode 17
  • Showa Maru (seafood) from episode 17
  • Nakameguro Grill (French braised bistro) from episode 17
  • GOOD VIBES BAR from episode 17
  • Natural Grill Bar Harajuku Hutte from episode 15
  • Chatime (bubble tea) from Episode 14
  • BAR&PATISSERIE Megan from espisode 14
  • Ushimitsu Ichimon Meguro branch (BBQ) from episode 13
  • Parataco (tacos) from episode 13

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