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Beams Japan Shibuya - the best souvenir shop



5. January. 2020

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Established in 1976 by Etsuzo Shitara and Osamu Shigematsu, Beams Japan is a long-established Japanese brand with its flagship store in Shinjuku. It recently opened a second store within the new lifestyle destination, Shibuya Fukuras, a skyscraper that’s filled with designer stores and stylish eateries. Beams Japan was born with the idea of connecting people with a Japanese aesthetic, which is exactly what its second-floor store in Shibuya does.

Beams Japan Shibuya at Fukuras


  • Beams Japan Shibuya
  • Discover the store’s traditional Japanese architectural design
  • Pick up unique Japanese goods
  • Browse the limited-edition items
  • Shop for items with the letters "Shibuya" that everyone loves

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