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【2020 Edition】8 Must-Buy Souvenirs in Okinawa



24. December. 2019

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Okinawa is a perpetually warm, tropical island in the waters of Japan.
It’s a popular tourist destination for both Japanese and international travelers, not only for its weather but it’s also a resort island full of highlights such as beautiful beaches, world heritage sites, and local gourmet food.
If you’re looking for souvenirs unique to Okinawa, “Chinsuko” and “Beni Imo Tart” are famous, but there are some lesser known Okinawan souvenirs which are also worth tracking down.

In amongst these souvenirs are sweets made from Okinawan brown sugar and Shikuwasa, fashionable miscellaneous goods, and other unique items available at select shops!
You can purchase most of these items at the airport or at their home stores on Okinawa’s main island.

【2020 Edition】8 Must-Buy Souvenirs in Okinawa


  • Original Candle(Proots)
  • Brown sugar Canelé(Hokiboshi)
  • Coaster with Aka Gawara (Arakaki Kawara Factory)
  • 35coffee
  • ShimaTofu Vege Taco Rice (Ukishima Garden)
  • Miso baked sweets, garlic miso(Kiku Miso Kakojo Yumekobo)
  • Okinawa Art Miscellaneous Goods (RENEMIA)

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