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【2020 Edition】7 Must-Buy Souvenirs in Nagoya



22. December. 2019

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Nagoya has many specialty food items, such as “Anko” (sweet red bean paste), “Uiro” (rice flour and sugar cake), chicken wings, and miso stew, and has many souvenirs related to those items which are worth checking out.
In this article we have selected some popular souvenirs that you can buy at Nagoya station.

The souvenirs we’ve chosen to highlight are priced within the 100 to around 1000 yen range, and your one stop shop for most of these souvenirs is the “Grand Kiosk Nagoya” at Nagoya station, which is open from 6:15 to 22:00.
If shopping outside those hours, a visit to a convenience store should also meet your Nagoya souvenir shopping needs.

【2020 Edition】7 Must-Buy Souvenirs in Nagoya


  • Yoikotopan and Yoitsubuan,Yoikoshian (Yoikotopan)
  • Uiro bar (Osu Uiro)
  • Kaeru Manju (AOYAGI SOHONKE))
  • Nagoya France
  • Ogura Butter(Kojima Food)
  • Champagne Kangori(Kasho Hanakikyo)
  • Instant Japanese Curry(Oriental Curry)

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