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Level-up your luck and fortune! Kyoto’s most potent power spots



22. January. 2020

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In Japan’s ancient capital Kyoto, there are many “power spots” that have long attracted believers, or even those just looking for an instant injection of spiritual energy in their lives.
Power spots are special energy spots scattered all around Japan, and visiting them is said to bring vitality to the body and spirit, and bring good fortune to all aspects of life, e.g. everything from health, love, study, finances, marriage, entertainment and so on are thought to benefit from energy found in power spots. It gets quite specific too, as the type of potential benefits gained can depend on the site visited. Head out to some of Kyoto’s most spiritually-charged power spots below and find your own boost of positivity!

Level-up your luck and fortune! Kyoto’s most potent power spots


  • Jishu Shrine (inside Kiyomizu-dera):love and relationships(En-musubi)
  • Fushimi Inari Taisha:huge harvest・prosperous business
  • Yasui Konpira-gu Shrine:Enmusubi / Enkiri(love and relationships /dissolution of a relationship)
  • Utsukushi-gozen Shrine(inside Yasaka Shrine):Beauty
  • Suzumushi-dera (Kegon-ji):All-purpose
  • Kodaiji Temple:Recover from lllness
  • Kiyomizu-dera:School fulfillment, Romance fulfillment, Life Longevity
  • Kifune shrine:love and relationships
  • Seimei Jinja:warding off evil

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