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【2020 Edition】6 Must-Buy Souvenirs at Fukuoka Airport



15. December. 2019

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Fukuoka Airport’s renovations are scheduled to be completed in 2020, after completion of the airport’s redevelopment intended to provide smoother operation of both domestic and international flights.
As part of the upgrade, a new commercial facility will be opened and the international flight duty-free shop area will be expanded.
We’ve carefully selected souvenirs that can be purchased at Fukuoka Airport such as sweets using Fukuoka's special Amaou Strawberry and Hakata's specialty Hakata Torimon.

【2020 Edition】6 Must-Buy Souvenirs at Fukuoka Airport


  • Matoi Hiyoko(L’UNIQUE HIYOKO)
  • Amaou Caramelize Baum(Hakata Minorika)
  • Hakata Baum Stick(Nikakudo)
  • Hakata Amabi (Ito King)
  • Color Potato Bonbons(Minamikaze Nokasha)
  • Hakata Torimon(Meigetsudo)

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