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【2020 Edition】20 Must-Buy Souvenirs at Narita Airport



2. January. 2020

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Narita Airport, Japan’s main aerial gateway, has many shops that will delight you.
There are a wide range of products available from limited items that can only be purchased at the airport, to those with Japanese motifs and flavors, and also many typically Japanese cute souvenirs.
Below are 20 popular souvenirs that you can buy at Narita Airport.

【2020 Edition】20 Must-Buy Souvenirs at Narita Airport


  • Golden Castella/Fujisan(Mameya kanazawa bankyu)【Narita Airport Limited】
  • Soratobu Panda Baum(Katanuki-ya)【Narita Airport Limited】
  • LA GANACHE homme and LA GANACHE femme(SHISEIDO PARLOUR)【Narita Airport / Haneda Airport Limited】
  • Hello Kitty Apple Cake (Tokyo Banana) 【Narita Airport / Haneda Airport Limited】
  • Assortment of Yokan (Toraya) 【Narita Airport / Haneda Airport Limited】
  • Double Chocolate Cake (La Terre) 【Narita Airport / Haneda Airport Limited】
  • Cacao Trois (La Terre) 【Airport Limited】
  • Kit Kat Hokkaido Melon Mascarpone Cheese (Nestlé) 【International Airport Limited】
  • Butter Cream Cookie Sandwich (Press Butter Sand)
  • Tokyo Campanella FRAGOLA(Tokyo Campanella)
  • Roasted Marshmallow(S‘MORE)
  • Kamakura Hangetsu(Kamakura Goro)
  • Lemonche(Tokyo Lemonche)
  • Sugar Butter Sand Tree (Ginnobudo)
  • Maple Butter Cookie (The Maple Mania)
  • Butter Financiér (Butter Butler)
  • Pancake Cookies(Cake Tale)
  • Tokyo Carameliser and Chouquette(Tokyo Carameliser)
  • Sapporo Okaki Oh! Yakitoukibi(YOSHIMI)
  • Hachidaime Gihey Rice (Gihey)

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