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Kyoto: Top 10 Breakfast Bakeries to Visit



7. February. 2020

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Kyoto is a place with many temples and shrines, and is well known for its image of being Japan’s traditional and ancient heartland.
In perhaps surprising contrast to that traditional image, people in Kyoto actually love bread, evidenced by Kyoto’s bread consumption being rated as No.1 in Japan.
Kyoto’s popular sightseeing area Karasuma is home to many tourist spots such as Nijo Castle, Honnoji, and Nishiki Market, and it also happens to be a bakery rich area with many famous shops serving a range of delicious bread choices.

This article will introduce a range of delicious breads that can be found at bakeries in the Karasuma area, around Kyoto Station, and in the Gion area.
Let's start a day of Kyoto sightseeing with a visit to a bakery that has you licking your lips in anticipation!

Kyoto: Top 10 Breakfast Bakeries to Visit


  • Karasuma Area
  • – Annee
  • – Boulangerie Liberte
  • – GRANDIR Oike Store
  • – Flip up!
  • – Tanaka Sandwich
  • – SIZUYA
  • Gion / Higashiyama Area
  • – CheerUp!
  • Around Kyoto Station
  • – Inoue Bread

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