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eSports Hotel e-ZONe Open in Japan in Spring 2020



16. December. 2019

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Japan's first e-sports based hotel "e-ZONe Denno Kukan" will open in Nipponbashi, Osaka in May 2020.

The “Denno Kukan” within the hotel’s name is the Japanese term for “cyberspace”, loosely defined as “a virtual space existing within and between computer networks”. It is an applicable name chosen to represent the world of e-sports.

e-ZONe will open in April 2020 and is scheduled to be fully operational from May 11, 2020. The hotel has already started accepting online bookings since November 1, 2019 via various accommodation websites, offering a special but limited “Opening Commemorative Accommodation Plan”, which provides guests with a package entitling them to the experience of enjoying e-sports for up to 19 hours during their stay.

eSports Hotel e-ZONe Open in Japan in Spring 2020


  • The concept is e-sports × lodging
  • Full facilities on 9 floors
  • Access

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