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Best Rice Balls Specialty Stores in Tokyo



28. November. 2019

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"Onigiri"(rice balls) are a fast food normally found in Japanese convenience stores, they are compact and easily consumed but nonetheless satisfying, and come very cheaply priced at around 100 yen each. Made from Japanese sweet rice, crisp savory nori (seaweed) and ingredients such as “Tuna Mayo”, “Ikura” (salmon eggs), “Shake” (salmon) and “Mentaiko” (pollock roe), onigiri come in a variety of flavours, and are filling enough for any tourist's stomach. In this article, we will introduce seven onigiri shops that sell amazingly delicious onigiri varieties that can't be found at convenience stores or department stores.

Best Rice Balls Specialty Stores


  • The Michelin rated Onigiri Asakusa Yadoroku
  • Meguro Onigily Café 
  • Meguro Iizuka Seimaiten
  • Ohitsuzen Tambo
  • Tsukiji Onigiri-ya Marutoyo
  • Maimai
  • Nihonbashi ANDON

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