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Tokyo Mega Illumination 2019 : A Stunning Display



8. November. 2019

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Get your camera ready for some spectacular picturesque moments. At the Oi Racecourse, they have equipped each area with its own unique array of lights which can be enjoyed in a number of ways.

Perhaps you're looking for a romantic night out? Or maybe you just want some beautiful pictures with your friends? Are you looking for a location to shoot some modeling pictures? Whatever the case, you will be leaving this place with some fond memories.

Join us as we take you through a dazzling spectacle you'll want to see with your own eyes.

Tokyo Mega Illumination 2019 : A Stunning Display


  • Welcome to the light show of 2019
  • Rainbow Fountain of Light
  • Tokyo Time Tunnel
  • Edo Gokusai Tanada (terrace rice-fields) & The Genfukei
  • Edo Cherry Blossom Tunnel
  • Edo Nigiwai Koya
  • Rose Garden
  • Showa Tadaima Yokocho
  • Tokyo Twinkle Map
  • Grabbing a bite to eat
  • Access and ticketing information
  • [ Japan Route Finder & Calculator:To Oikeibajo-mae]

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