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【2020 Edition】16 Must-Buy Souvenirs at New Chitose Airport



4. January. 2020

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Hokkaido is known as a treasure trove of gourmet food.
The gateway to Hokkaido, New Chitose Airport, has many popular souvenirs to choose from, many of which take advantage of Hokkaido’s local taste delights.

In this article, we have compiled a list of popular souvenirs to buy at the airport, from cheese sweets to ROYCE ’s chocolate, and corn sweets that can only be bought in Hokkaido.
We also feature souvenirs that use dairy products that stem from Hokkaido’s vast dairy farming industry, as well as those teeming with the flavors of Hokkaido’s seafood.
We will also detail sweets exclusive to Hokkaido and the New Chitose Airport itself, so you’ll have no excuses to leave Hokkaido without at least one of these souvenirs!

【2020 Edition】16 Must-Buy Souvenirs at New Chitose Airport


  • Haskapp Jewelry White MIX (Morimoto) 【New Chitose Airport Limited】
  • Sapporo Agricultural School (Kinotoya) 【New Chitose Airport Limited】
  • La La La COOKIE 【New Chitose Airport Limited】
  • Hokkaido Milk Castella【New Chitose Airport Limited】
  • Potato Chip Chocolate (ROYCE ’)
  • Chocolate Brownie (Chocolatier Masale) 【Airport Limited】
  • Biscuit au Fromage (Le TAO)
  • Marusei Butter Sand (Rokkatei)
  • Shiroi Koibito(Ishiya Confectionery)
  • Hokkaido Kaitaku Okaki (Kitakaro) 【New Chitose Airport Limited】
  • Hokkaido AN POTATO (Wakasaimo)
  • Hokkaido Hokku Cheese (Kitanokama)
  • Mixed Vegetable Pickles (North Farmstock)
  • Jaga Pokkuru (Calbee)
  • Sapporo Okaki Oh! Yakitoukibi(YOSHIMI)
  • White Black Thunder (Yuraku)

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